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Short on time? Learn on the fly with my series of 30 second – 2 minute videos. Lots of hints and quick tips to incorporate into your creativity. Extend your knowledge in embroidery, art journaling, bookbinding, and creative machining.

Snippet #4
Using an Underlay

using an underlay in embroidery
Using an Underlay

Video Stitchery Tip

Discover why I use an underlay when embroidering…

Snippet #3
Transfer a design

Transfer a design using tulle
Handy Hint

Video Creativity Tip

A handy technique to transfer a design from paper to work surface.

Snippet #2
Gel Medium Stamping

Create Texture

Video Mixed Media Tip

Create subtle texture on an art journal page or collage…

Snippet #1
Threading a needle

Embroidery Tip

Video Stitchery Tip

Easily thread a long eyed needle with thick thread.

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