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Sewing Machine Scribble

Learn to machine scribble. Tutorial Post.

Create a simple floral sketch using your sewing machine to draw the lines. Flower design included.


Create an exquisite piece of textile art. Tutorial Post

If you have always wondered about creative free machining, but never quite had the courage to try …


Stitch a beautiful feather with downloadable pdfs.

One thing I love about embroidery is its versatility. Taking my embroidery into a different media …

Creative Adventurer

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  • Technique based videos in embroidery, bookbinding, creative machinework, textile art, mixed media and collage
  • Snippets – lots of hints and quick tips to incorporate into your creativity.
  • Stretch Your Stitch – How to embroidery stitch video dictionary

Snippet #4
Using an Underlay

using an underlay in embroidery
Using an Underlay

Video Stitchery Tip

Discover why I use an underlay when embroidering…

Snippet #3
Transfer a design

Transfer a design using tulle
Handy Hint

Video Creativity Tip

A handy technique to transfer a design from paper to work surface.

Snippet #2
Create Texture

Create Texture

Video Mixed Media Tip

Create subtle texture on an art journal page or collage…

Snippet #1
Threading a Needle

Embroidery Tip

Video Stitchery Tip

Easily thread a long eyed needle with thick thread.