Summer Swirl – Beginnings

The first line of the pattern is Cast on 449 stitches loosely using 4mm (size 8) needles. Well, my knitting is usually pretty standard to tension, however, loosely is something I find difficult to do. Solution: Cast on with a size larger needles (4.5mm or 5mm), then switch to the 4mm needles for the first row.

The next issue: that is a lot of stitches to count and recount to check. Solution: Stitch markers. I use pieces of contrasting yarn although they are available commercially. I have placed a marker every fifty stitches. In this way I don’t have to count all 449 stitches, I only have to make sure that there are 50 stitches between each marker, and then recounts are easy. After five rows, this pattern begins decreasing on either end. Thus, it is very easy and quick to keep track of the total of my stitches as only the number of stitches in each end segments changes.

One issue, I do have with this yarn, is that the final threads are not plied together; the yarn is made up of four separate strands. I am finding that it very easy to split stitches, which makes for slower progress along the row than normal.

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