Stitching on paper

One thing I love about embroidery is its versatility. Taking my embroidery into a different media such as paper is very satisfying. There isn’t a rule that says a particular stitch must be worked in the traditional way and on the correct fabric. Learn the stitch and then break the rules!!

Make sure the paper is thick enough to support the stitches without buckling. The interfacing also prevents the stitches from tearing through the paper if the holes are placed too close together. Depending on the effect you want, fine and delicate (and you have the patience) use a sewing machine cotton that has a pretty sheen. There are some lovely ones that are slightly thicker than standard sewing machine thread that are designed for machine embroidery. I wouldn’t use a single thread of stranded thread for example as it will wear too easily rasping against the edge of the paper hole. Or my favourite thread Perle embroidery thread in either #5 which is thicker than #8. The feather is in DMC #8 perle in ecru.

The flowers are blanket stitch. The stem is in closed Palestrina.

Patron Perk: Downloadable pdf with step by step stitch instructions and feather outline to stitch a beautiful feather on paper

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